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Managers seeking players can look
at the list of available players below.
If you sign a player from the list,
click here to send the info
or call the hotline at 478-8040.
Players looking for a team
click here to email their info
(co-ed, men's or women's league, position, level of play, etc.)

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My husband and I are new to this area
and looking for a co-ed team.

We have played on two teams in the past.
We are open to playing any position.

Call or text 916-768-0128



Thanks, Laura & Claytonn

-= posted 08.23.2014 =-

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I'm interested in playing
on a mens slo-pitch team,
or possibly on co-ed.  

I've been playing the past few years
in a co-ed league in Roseville,
but would like to get on a local G.V. team.  

I usually play outfield
and mostly bat lead-off,
but would contribute wherever needed.

Please contact Mark at 530-477-6338.


-= posted 08.16.2014 =-

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My boyfriend and I are looking for a co-ed team,
and prefer to stay together.

We were formerly on Springview Manor's team.

I played second and my boyfriend short-stop,
but we are pretty flexible and can go anywhere.

I've got two years of this under my belt,
and my boyfriend has about 3.
I'm a decent hitter, and my boyfriend is
known to hit pretty far as well.

We can both run and have decent speed
and knowledge of the game.

Any help will do! Thank you!

(530) 305-3510


-= posted 08.16.2014 =-

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My name is Teena.

I'm new to the area.
I'm 40, used to be extremely athletic.
Now I'm just athletic.

Single mom of two kids. I'm a nurse.
Played softball in high school. 

I'm interested in women's or coed.

Email me

-= posted 08.16.2014 =-

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My name's Alex

I'm 23, high energy, luv to play sports. 

Men's or co-ed don't matter.

Email me

-= posted 08.16.2014 =-

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Hey gang

40 yr old casual player
looking for fast pitch team.

I can fill any position,
but with little pitching experience with softball,
but was a hardball pitcher in high school.

Good contact hitter.

Anytime, anywhere Grass Valley.

Let me know, thanks.

Email me

-= posted 08.16.2014 =-

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I am very interested to join a team,
men or co-ed.

I am 39 yo male 6'3, 250lbs.
good athleticism, used to play in the Marines.
It's been a while but I was pretty good back then.

I am open to any position
and will be there when you need me
summer, fall, winter or spring.

New to the area so am hoping to
make friends and have fun.

E-mail me


-= posted 07.30.2014 =-

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I'll be in the area visiting from Washington
and would love to play some softball
between sept 15-21 during my stay.

I play co-ed and men's rec as well as competitive.
30 yrs old. I play outfield.

Willing to travel a couple hours to play.

I typically play about 12 tourneys a year
as well as mens/coed city league in my home town.

509.540.9679 call or text.

Luke Watson

-= posted 07.24.2014 =-

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I'm Keith. I'm 20 years old.

My skill level is moderate and I am looking for a
co-ed softball team to play with for the Summer.

My girlfriend is also looking to play on a co-ed team with me.
She's 20 years old also and her skill level is also moderate.

We are available to play any position.

Contact us

My cell 530.615.6249


My girlfriends cell 530.263.6470

-= posted 07.24.2014 =-

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I'm looking to join a Co-ed team for the summer. 
I'm 28, and my skill level is moderate. 

I'll play any position!


Email Me

-= posted 07.03.2014 =-

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Two 30 something athletic ladies
looking for a Wednesday slo-pitch
coed team for summer league.

One of us has played in high school,
the other in a rec league.
And we're both really fun :)

Only position we wouldn't want to play is catcher!

If your team needs 2 chicks, let us know!

Email Kate

Email Emily

-= posted 06.05.2014 =-

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Hey there,

My name is Adrienne
and I recently moved to Nevada City from Calaveras County.
I'm looking for a woman's softball team to play on.

I played some fast pitch softball
when I was younger (I'm 20 now)
and I've been playing slo-pitch softball
for four years now.

I've bounced around playing different positions every year.
I went from short stop (on a weak team) to second base,
and then got switched to left center.
I'll play anywhere and I love the sport.

It'd be great to play on a team this summer.



-= posted 05.25.2014 =-

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Hey softball peeps!

I'm looking to get on a woman's team for spring!
I haven't played woman's in a couple years
but have been playing Co-Ed.

I have been playing since I was young
and many of you know me :)
(I'm 30 now, blah, haha)

I play hard and am pretty good.
Love to have fun!

I cannot play on Friday nights.
Thanks so much!

Christina Lemongello/Kendall
530 575 1694

-= posted 04.04.2014 =-

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My roommate and I are looking
for either slow or fast pitch softball team.

We are in our dirty 30's can play anywhere.
Looking for weekday nights.


email me

-= posted 04.04.2014 =-

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I am a 57 year old woman looking to play softball.  

I played on a senior's "co-ed" team last summer,
and know a few women who play on a team in GV,
but have had no luck getting in.

I am a good athlete, can swing and catch,
but haven't had lots of formal experience.
I believe I'd be an asset.

Maureen Day

email me

-= posted 03.28.2014 =-

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I am interested in joining a co-ed team
if there is anyone looking for a guy. 

Skill level is moderate and usually play 2nd, short or 3rd
but am fine playing any position. 


email me

-= posted 03.26.2014 =-