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Managers seeking players can look
at the list of available players below.
If you sign a player from the list,
click here to send the info
or call the hotline at 478-8040.
Players looking for a team
click here to email their info
(co-ed, men's or women's league, position, level of play, etc.)

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My name is John Van Dyk or JVD

I have played 3 year of softball
with 2 different teams in Grass Valley.
I played a couple years of softball out of town. 

I am a catcher and can play some in field. 
Looking for a team to play on give me a call



<- Posted on 04.14.2015 ->

my name is Will.

I recently moved to the area
and was looking for a men's team to play with.

I work in downtown Grass Valley.

I’m 32, bat right, throw right.
I’ve been playing hardball for the last couple of years
pitching mostly, but used to play softball 3-4 nights a week
2-3 games a night and play tournaments on the weekend.

Mostly SS and LC/RC,
but happy to play anywhere the team needs me.

Happy to try out if I need to.

(415) 412-0472.

Thank you for looking.

<- Posted on 03.31.2015 ->

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Name is Richard.
Moved up to Auburn recently.
Looking for a team to play with . . . co-ed, mens.

I'm a pretty good pitcher. It's my forte.
I also play 1st and outfield.

I played a lot of seasonal ball and tournament
plus big league dreams ball back home.

if anybody that can't find a team
and wants to build a team co-ed or men's,
I'm here and will help out.

So email me
I'm ready to play!

<- Posted on 03.27.2015 ->

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I'm new to Nevada City and looking for a softball team.

Looking to play in the Sunday afternoon 50 and over league.

I can play outfield, 3rd base, or 1st base.

Can hit for power.


Email Me

<- Posted on 02.22.2015 ->

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I am interested in finding a team to play on.
I have not played in a few years
so my playing level is moderate.

I played mostly outfield.
I prefer women's team but will play co-ed.

Thank you

Cindy Wick

Email Me

<- Posted on 02.14.2015 ->

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My name is Jeff.

Played softball back in the military.
It has been a while since I have played
on a regular basis but I am willing
to work hard to get back to speed.

I bring enthusiasm, skill and NO DRAMA!!

Looking forward to having fun,
meeting new friends and winning!!

Email Me

<- Posted on 02.14.2015 ->

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I'm 23. Live in Grass Valley. 
Looking to be in a co-ed team.

I'm great at hitting
and I used to play for my work here in Grass Valley.

Would love to find a team to play on again. 

You can text me at 530-401-6898.

My name is Mich.

<- Posted on 02.14.2015 ->

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Looking for a Men's team.

I've played softball for the last 10 years
in GV, Auburn, Folsom leagues
and a few tournaments.

I can play anywhere, infield, outfield and pitch.
I show up ready to play and have fun.  
Let me know. 


Email Me

<- Posted on 02.14.2015 ->

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My name is Andrew,
looking for a team, men's softball.

I have not played on a team before,
and always been wanting to play.

I play outfield when I do get a chance to play.
Please give me a chance to get the chance to play.

Email Me

<- Posted on 02.14.2015 ->

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