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Managers seeking players can look
at the list of available players below.
If you sign a player from the list,
click here to send the info
or call the hotline at 478-8040.
Players looking for a team
click here to email their info
(co-ed, men's or women's league, position, level of play, etc.)

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Looking for a men's or coed team for fall

I usually play 1st or 2nd can move around
but those are my best, not amazing at hitting,
getting better but I can run faster than most would think

Andrew Lewis
email me

Posted 09.29.2016

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My name is Karina Meadows

I play short stop and anywhere else needed
I'm not a pro but I don't suck 

I'm looking for a fall coed and fall women's team

you can call me at

(530) 615-9542 


email me

Posted 09.17.2016

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My name is Amber
and I'm looking for a fall women's team.

I am mid level outfield player. 

email me

Posted 09.17.2016

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I'm looking to join a Men's softball team
for summer, fall and into the future.
Co-ed works too.

I'm 35.
I haven't played in a few but plenty of experience,
mostly B & C leagues, as well as playing
in multiple tournaments throughout CA.

Can play really all positions, even pitcher,
but mostly infield.

Call Jason


Posted 07.31.2016

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Me and my boyfriend are looking for a summer team.

My name’s Karina and my boyfriend’s name is Keith
we don’t suck but we also aren’t pros.

My boyfriend plays outfield and
I’ve played outfield, short stop and also catcher. 

Email me

or call my house #
(530) 272-1839
and leave a message

Posted 07.10.2016

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I'm 29, somewhat new to the area,
played softball in high school
(and must admit, was probably there only to bunt and run, haha),
but overall just looking for a good excuse to get moving outdoors,
meet some great people, and have a great time.




Posted 07.10.2016

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Hi I play softball slow and fast pitch
I'm 17 going into my junior year.

I play 3rd or out field and am a slow pitch pitcher.
But I'm willing to play any position.

I am a newer player looking for a co-ed team.
I played when I was younger and kinda got out of it
but this is my 3rd year playing fast and slow pitch,
and I'm a really hard worker and willing to learn.

Email me

Posted 07.10.2016

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I am Jeremy, I am looking for a new start.

I played for A Perfect Game in the past, give me a chance.
I’ll play anywhere. Yep, and be happy. Middle infield or anywhere else.

I am the best. I will play your game. I need a home.

You will be happy with Choi.

Email me

Posted 06.14.2016

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Hi, I am Koryn.

I played softball from childhood through high school.
I am looking to get back in the game because I really miss it.

I am 20, I am looking for any type of co-ed team.

My phone number is (916) 871-8227.


Email me

I look forward to hearing from you!

Posted 06.09.2016

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My wife and I are looking for a team to play on a Friday or Saturday night league.

Email us

Posted 06.09.2016

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My name is Kelsey Ewing and I am 23 years old
and I have been very interested in playing for a few years now
and I would love to get together and do exciting activities like so!

I'm a very athletic, lean and cut fit, healthy young woman
who has all the energy in the world and ready to play
any kind of game anytime any day of the week!

I'm interested in getting on a co-ed slow pitch softball team
this coming summer season!

Please put me in coach!

My cell is 530-615-9781


Email me

Thank you, Kelsey

Posted 06.02.2016

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I am 37 years old, live in Grass Valley,
and am looking to play on a men’s or co-ed slow-pitch team.

I am admittedly out of shape and
have not played baseball in ages, but I would love
the opportunity to meet positive people, have some fun
and get some exercise.

Please let me know if you have a spot for me.




Email me

Posted 05.27.2016

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I’m Robert Stanhope, but I go by Robbie.

I am 21 years old male looking for
a co-ed fast pitch or mens fast pitch team.

I played for about 4 years when I was younger,
but I stopped when high school came around.

I mainly played 2nd base and outfield,
but I am willing to try any position.

Text me at 559-967-3798


Email me

Posted 05.24.2016

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My name is Deanna Estrada.

I am 17 years old and looking to play on a woman's or Co-Ed team.

I used to play for NCGSA for about 5 years.

Would really like to get back into softball and be on a team.

Email me

Posted 05.24.2016

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My name is Jason Smith.

I'm looking to play ball as soon as possible.
I'm new to the area. I grew up playing baseball in Los Gatos.

I played ball through high school.
I'm 45 and looking to meet some locals and compete.

If you need a descent all around player, I'm your guy.

Call me at


Posted 05.16.2016

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My name is Kelsey and I'm 23 years old

I have a small amount of experience of playing any ball on any teams
and I am very interested in joining a coed softball team
for the summer 2016 and am very eager to get put on a team!

I can do anything with just about anything
and am hoping to have the chance to prove myself of that !!

Please get in touch with me



Email me

Thank you very much

Posted 05.16.2016

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Hello, our names are Zach and Brent

We are 23 and 24 and looking to play
on a men's or co-ed slow pitch softball team

Zach - previous 10+ years of baseball experience,
1 year of slow pitch softball, prefer second base
but willing to play any position.

Brent - 1 year of baseball experience,
no slow pitch softball experience,
willing to play any position.

Looking to play over the summer,
but also hoping for a fall team as well. 

We enjoy a competitive atmosphere, but win or lose,
we're just out to have a good time while playing.

Email us

Posted 05.11.2016

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My name is Evan

I’m 33 and I'm new to the area
and looking to play either mens or co-ed softball.

I have played softball for the the last 8 years
in Sonoma County and played Div. 1 Baseball in college.

I'm happy to play any position and would appreciate
the opportunity to play some ball and meet some people.


call 707 292 7873


email me

Posted 05.07.2016

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My name is Jessa Jaskier and I am 34 years old.

I would like to play on a co-ed team.
I have played on a co-ed team on and off over the last 6-9 years.
I do prefer playing catcher.

I run as fast as my legs can carry me.

Email me

Posted 04/22/2016

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Hello my name is Tiffany,
I’m looking for a Co-ed team.
I have been playing for about 5 years.

Started playing right field, moved to catcher, and then to first base.
I'm not a bad hitter, but have not played in about 2 years.

I am available Thursday and Friday and Wednesday starting May.

To get ahold of me
please call or text

(530) 210-7467

Posted 04/12/2016

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Looking for a co-ed or women's league to play on.

I think, I'm funny, I like hiking.
I run fast. I have played league recently.

I like to go to the batting cages, I'm not the best hitter
but I enjoy working on it so that’s positive!

Holly 25

Email me

Posted 04/12/2016

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I’m looking for a coed team 

I can play pitcher, first base and out field

My name is Ed Peevey


Posted 04/06/2016

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Hello my name is Shanin.

I am in search of a co-ed team
or even possibly a women’s league
on Monday, Tuesday or Friday Nights.

I prefer to play outfield.  

I have played softball off and on since childhood
I can be reached at

Thank You

Posted 04/06/2016

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my name is Richard Perez

I just moved back to the area and
I am looking for a mens team on Monday
and I can probably do Tuesday as well.

I have been playing softball for about 10 years,
I generally play outfield but can play
first, second or throw me behind the plate

I like a competitive feel but for the most part
just want to get out there and play and have a good time.

I can be reached at

Posted 04/05/2016

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my name is AJ. I am 23.
I just moved back to Penn Valley from Yuba County.

I have played softball for 4 years
and baseball for 6 years looking for a team.

I can play any position.


Posted 04/03/2016

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Hi our names are Rich and Jen.

We just moved to Northern California
and are looking for a co ed team to play on.

Rich has played for 10 years. Both men's and co ed.
He plays left center usually but can move around.

Jen has played for a year co ed.
I play right center or catcher.

To contact
call, txt or email!

Email us

Posted 03/28/2016

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my name is Matt

I have just moved to Penn Valley
and I am looking for a team to play on potentially.

I have played baseball in the past
and 1 year of mens league softball.

I am willing to play on any team
who needs help at any position!

Im 23 and very athletic,
a team player and just plain looking for some fun!

Good luck to all!

You can give me a call at
(509) 592-6045

Posted 03/26/2016

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Just moved here and looking for a men's softball team.
I'm 22 and would like a competitive league if possible.

I've been playing baseball my whole life.
Any infield position. Live in Penn Valley.

Email me

Posted 03/26/2016

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My name is Jason Daugherty I'm 39
I play shortstop, I'm look to join a men’s team

You can call me at
925 759 6244

Posted 02/24/2016

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I moved up to Grass Valley from the Bay Area
with my family a few months ago
and am interested in joining a men's league team. 

I'm a decent player who's admittedly in decline
as my 50th birthday bears down on me. 

I have a dependable glove and workable arm,
and my position of choice is left field,
but I can play any outfield or middle infield position. 

Not a big fan of 3B, although I'll play it if need be.
I'm a terrible pitcher, and am pretty short (5'7") to play 1B.  

The one position I will not join to play is catcher. 

As for my bat, I'm a contact hitter with a bit of pop
(assuming the bat is a decent one
-- I'm not powerful enough to overcome a weak/dead bat). 

I've played softball most of my adult life,
typically on teams in lower divisions
filled with regular guys, not ringers.
(I played the past several years in the
San Francisco and Berkeley leagues). 

If I had my druthers, I'd prefer to play on
another such team of regular guys who
like playing together, win or lose.

I'm not interested in being the weak link
on a win-at-all-costs team of former
blue-chip high school and college baseball players.

Hope that's given you a clear picture
--feel free to call or email with any questions!


Tony Kontzer

Posted 02/22/2016

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My name is Chris Provine
I am looking for a men's team for the 2016 season

I'm comfortable at all positions except pitcher,
hoping to maybe fill a hole on someone's team,
but would prefer infield

I'm 28 and although I haven't played in 8-10 years,
I played baseball since I was a kid,
for about 11 years, up through high school

Email me

Posted 02/20/2016

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I am interested in joining a co-ed softball team this Spring

My name is Jasmine, age 25

Position played: Outfield
Level of play: Played ASA growing up
Played all 4 years on Bear River's Varsity team
(shortstop first 2 1/2 years, then transferred to Centerfield)
Played 1 season (2009) for Sierra College (Centerfield)

Note: I have not played ball since 2009
but am extremely interested in getting back into the game

Contact info
Cell - 530.217.8747

Posted 02/20/2016

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My name is Keith and I am looking for a
lower level co-ed or men's team.

I play any position, 3rd base is my favorite.

Thank you


Email me

Posted 02/20/2016

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I am looking to join a slow-pitch team,
either men’s or co-ed, or possibly both.

I'm coming from Folsom
where I played in D2 leagues for many years. 

I'm 45 years old, still in pretty good shape. 
I can run and play the OF if needed there.



Email me

Posted 02/20/2016