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Managers seeking players can look
at the list of available players below.
If you sign a player from the list,
click here to send the info
or call the hotline at 478-8040.
Players looking for a team
click here to email their info
(co-ed, men's or women's league, position, level of play, etc.)

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I'm looking to join a Co-ed team for the summer. 

I'm 28, and my skill level is moderate. 

I'll play any position!


Email Me

-= posted 07.03.2014 =-

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Two 30 something athletic ladies
looking for a Wednesday slo-pitch
coed team for summer league.

One of us has played in high school,
the other in a rec league.
And we're both really fun :)

Only position we wouldn't want to play is catcher!

If your team needs 2 chicks, let us know!

Email Kate

Email Emily

-= posted 06.05.2014 =-

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Hey there,

My name is Adrienne
and I recently moved to Nevada City from Calaveras County.
I'm looking for a woman's softball team to play on.

I played some fast pitch softball
when I was younger (I'm 20 now)
and I've been playing slo-pitch softball
for four years now.

I've bounced around playing different positions every year.
I went from short stop (on a weak team) to second base,
and then got switched to left center.
I'll play anywhere and I love the sport.

It'd be great to play on a team this summer.



-= posted 05.25.2014 =-

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Hey softball peeps!

I'm looking to get on a woman's team for spring!
I haven't played woman's in a couple years
but have been playing Co-Ed.

I have been playing since I was young
and many of you know me :)
(I'm 30 now, blah, haha)

I play hard and am pretty good.
Love to have fun!

I cannot play on Friday nights.
Thanks so much!

Christina Lemongello/Kendall
530 575 1694

-= posted 04.04.2014 =-

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My roommate and I are looking
for either slow or fast pitch softball team.

We are in our dirty 30's can play anywhere.
Looking for weekday nights.


email me

-= posted 04.04.2014 =-

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I am a 57 year old woman looking to play softball.  

I played on a senior's "co-ed" team last summer,
and know a few women who play on a team in GV,
but have had no luck getting in.

I am a good athlete, can swing and catch,
but haven't had lots of formal experience.
I believe I'd be an asset.

Maureen Day

email me

-= posted 03.28.2014 =-

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I am interested in joining a co-ed team
if there is anyone looking for a guy. 

Skill level is moderate and usually play 2nd, short or 3rd
but am fine playing any position. 


email me

-= posted 03.26.2014 =-